Merkel and Russia


US officials were shocked when Angela Merkel said she had no intention of meeting the target [of minimum defence spending of 2 percent of GDP] by 2024, but that Germany might be able to reach it by 2030. Given the closeness of Germany’s relationship with Russia, particularly over the construction of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline which will supply Berlin’s energy needs for decades to come, this attitude suggests Germany is more interested in its relations with Russia than sustaining the NATO alliance.

For a president who is already critical of the Europeans’ failure to pay for defending their continent, this cavalier attitude can hardly be deemed constructive.

Red Ice

Everyone to an extent is politically suspect, mainly because not all our views align with what is seen as mainstream right, mainstream left, alt-right, far-left and so on.

Overall, I’ve found men to be the harder nuts in that they’ll initiate hardline tactics, they’ll stonewall forever on some point or other, whereas the girls tend to have that female softness in there for the bird with the broken wing and generally all they really want is peace, love and stubbornness in the May tradition.

Sometimes, men are way too hardline, e.g. on that Asperger’s and autism article I linked to without reading first. Although in general, I’m against scamming.? The prime directive of this blog is against humbug, to try to expose it.

Tomi Lahren in the States is suspect – she was on The View as the supposed conservative and yet she has quite iffy views on things like, say, abortion, whereas an unborn child can rely on Brittany Pettibone because she the latter is a practising Roman Catholic, plus she was put in prison for her views and associations.

A post on Peterborough

05:12: Just saw that 69% of votes in Peterborough were postal ballots. Labour were “oddly” confident, eh, going in? Uh huh.

I’ve gone back and asked. Shall report. I see another one saying 20%.

OK, found the comments thread – 69% of those asked voted postal, making 48% all up. It would be interesting to know what that means, it would be interesting to know the actual figures – I have no confidence they’ll be correct.

03:58: Woke up, it was as indicated, 31% to 29%, everyone will claim what they’ll claim.

Stitch up? Let’s just say the Labour machine, here and in the States, also in other countries under the various names, does not play by the book. Thinking teamsters union, Tammany Hall, the shenanigans more openly done these days – the postal voting scam where head of a household votes for the 20 in the family, the legalising of illegals, the complicity of the authorities – all these are factors.

Trump’s trashing of Khan and snubbing of Corbyn? Didn’t affect postals, might have affected turnout. I’ve spoken with some of those on our side who refuse to vote and while the electoral system has been debased all right, nothing will ever happen through revolution in this country – victims will mouth obscenities, then roll over, asking for “more please”.

It might well be us – we represent the “angry old men” syndrome the enemy plays to the limit. Even though a large number of supposed AOM are good women.

The gay factor can wreck any political advances. It’s so corrosive, so associated with wholesome and good in lost people’s brains, what can one do? Chick Fil A might succeed in the States but there are just as many sucked in by the whole tranny, paedo, gender pronoun, faux sportswomen, passive aggressive, safe space, anti-Muslim thing.

They apparently adore the early morn till evening caterwaulng through the tannoys.

It’s where the dissonance is a cacophony and so people go tribal again.

Did the cleancut turquoise army succeed? Yes – among the respectable. How many still in the community? 29%? The sort who have allotments and shop at Waitrose or Lidl?

Major factor is that TBP has no plan to become govt, no practical set of policies they can implement. The anti-EU tsunami does not translate well into Westminster – let’s just give Boris a chance, people think.

Nigel himself is not universally loved, that grin is unfortunate, the relentless character assassination never ceases on him, from the media to the street – it does take its toll. He doesn’t help himself with his womanising and taking of the EU shekel in their eyes.

They’re starting on Boris now – flip flop Boris, Gove positioning himself to Remain.

That’s about it for now.

00:23: Zonked, last update – Labour confident – high turnout and postal votes.

00:03: Arron Banks mentions the corrupt postal voting.

23:20: Some moments ago, a Labour person was spitting invective at the BP – who knows?

Let’s assume Labour hold the seat and anything different would be a nice surprise. Also today was Bercow on No Deal.

What we’ve got here is a failure to see reality by just about everyone. It was concerning me that the BP campaign seemed much like any other rosette wearing party, things were said in the media, I thought oh no, this is looking too self-congratulatory, maybe I was wrong, hope I was.

But tribal Labour is truly worrying, given Corbyn’s egregious behaviour, the failure of anyone to call him out. I see the biz about no turquoise manifesto, esp. in a parliamentary election, I spoke with people who are down on Corbyn but will still vote Labour.

Astounding. Why, I ask? The Tories are rubbish, I’m told.

And what? There are other parties.

Maybe, yeah, the Lib Dems.

I didn’t mean them.

Oh, you mean the fascists?


Ok, let’s see what happens.

22:50: Leaving aside the England loss in the football, also the Danes putting the socialists back in power, looking just at Peterborough, getting mixed messages here.

Britain Elects says it appears Labour has held.


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On this day, June 5, 1968, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was mortally wounded shortly after midnight at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

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